AIIR - Seadragon - Allround iSUP (Komplett sett)

AIIR - Seadragon - Allround iSUP (Komplett sett)

7.495,00 NOK

(inkl. mva.)

 A year of research went by to find the  perfect iSUP size for the ultimate allround iSUP set with the most complete set of accessories.


AIIR 4-fin system: By adding a 4th fin centered at the board we have achieved developing an iSUP with improved direction stability. 3 * fixed 7cm fins, 1 * removable 18cm fin


Adjustable Padded Seat for Kayak Style Riding: Added to the package is an adjustable and removable seat. Sit comfotably while paddling like in a kayak/cano


Included accessories and features:  

  • 3 piece aluminum paddle
  • Stirdy  back pack with mesh pads
  • Securiy leash
  • High pressure manual hand pump
  • Nose ring for boat-pulling
  • Repair kit
  • EVA Foam with diamond pattern
  • Flexible straps for cargo hold
  • 4 Stainless Steel D-Rings for gear strapping


NB: Delivery time, approx 2-3 weeks

Vekt: 20 kg.


Lengde 320cm
Bredde 83,5cm
Høyde 16cm
Materiale DWF + PVC + EVA-foam